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What is tourism and why is it important?

We have all heard the term tourism but do you know why it is important? Tourism is defined as the practice of traveling for recreation, the guidance or management of tourists, the promotion or encouragement of touring and the accommodation of tourists.

The first part of the definition is exactly part of the JOSC mission. We invest, own & operate and recruit sporting events to draw tourists to our destination. There are other entities in our county that are solely focused on the other two definitions. Onslow County Tourism, Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority and Swansboro Development Authority. Tourism can range from planning an ad campaign to attracting military reunions to visit our area or hosting a motorcoach full of people from Pennsylvania. All of these are being done throughout the year and will continue to happen in our area with the help of the tourism agencies in Onslow County.

Why is this important?

Tourism is an economic driver for Onslow County. Did you know in 2021 tourism saved each resident $130.93? Check out the graphic below to see the economic fact sheet for Onslow County. As you will see, tourism has a big economic impact ($338.49 Million) in Onslow County.

Food for thought

"Tourism is often a potential business owner or retiree’s FIRST DATE with a community"

This resonated with me because I never thought of tourism in that way but it makes perfect sense. If people enjoy the time they spend visiting our area, then it is easy for them to picture themselves living here. It is just another example of the economic impact tourism has on Onslow County.

-Marisa Reeder

Associate Director

References: Dr. Steve Morse, McCamish School of Business (STS Year Two) and

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