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To honor those who have advanced sport in Onslow County, the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission created the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. From athletes to coaches to contributors, the members of the Hall of Fame have been the heart of “everything athletic” in our community over the years. Organizers and supporters believed the rich sports history of our area should be memorialized and that an annual observance of those who have enhanced our lives with their performances and commitment should be undertaken.

The task of creating and operating the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Hall of Fame was specifically written into the bylaws and mission of the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission. Part of the mission of the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission is to inspire the development of sports within our community. The honoring of those who have achieved significance in sport, is part of the mission to leave a positive impression on the athletes who may be honored in the future. The Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of sports for our area. It is to serve as a source of education and inspiration to all generations. The mission is achieved through nominations taken from the general public and the sporting community.

While many members of the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission Ad Hoc Advisory Board participated in the work of the Hall of Fame, special appreciation is given to Robert Holland of the Jacksonville Daily News for his efforts. Mr. Holland was the organizer of a panel that reviewed the criteria for the selection process, and then supervised the voting for the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Hall of Fame.

Part of the criteria for selection requires that the honoree have played or trained in our area, including Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune or any part of Onslow County. Another criterion allows the selection of athletes who after they left the area, brought distinction to our area by their play and performances elsewhere. The selection voters were presented with a long list of potential candidates. The Jacksonville-Onslow area has been blessed with many fine athletes who have significant achievement in sports.

Each year, the Sports Commission hopes to include more people into the Sports Hall of Fame. The dinners to commemorate the achievements and honors to those being inducted, is part of a fund raiser to help underwrite the work of the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission. With consideration given to character, integrity and sportsmanship, nominees for the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Hall of Fame must be:

An athlete who has achieved state or national recognition and:

  • Was born or raised in Onslow County, or;

  • Had a minimum of two years of athletic achievement while a resident of Onslow County, or;

  • Was in the military stationed at Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger, Camp Johnson, or MCAS New River when he or she achieved their level of recognition, or;

  • Attended at least two years of high school in Onslow County.

  • A coach who has made a significant impact on sports in Onslow County.

  • A special contributor who has made a significant impact on sports in Onslow County.

To nominate a team use the team registration form

To nominate an individual please fill out our Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

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Hall of fame members

Since 2001, the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission has hosted a yearly induction ceremony. 

Heroes spirit awards

Started in 2016, it is a special category we created to honor those groups or individuals that elevated the sports in Onslow County.

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