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More Normal Than Normal

More Normal Than Normal

Normal is a relative term these days but things are beginning to feel more normal than normal. That last normal in that sentence is what has become “normal” to us in the last eight months. The World Series just wrapped up, college football and the NFL are happening and we just hosted our first live event since March. On October 17th, we hosted our Freddy’s Frozen Custard Challenge and 5K. While we took the necessary precautions due to Covid such as corral starts, individual bottles of water at the water stops, bags at the finish line containing water, snack and a medal, it still felt so good to be out and having an actual event. It was a beautiful morning and everyone seemed so happy to be there.

The event was a success on many levels but none more than being together and seeing the smiling faces of our runners, volunteers, and sponsors. Here’s to hoping that by the time we hit 2021, all events can happen as scheduled. -Scott Smith, Executive Director

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