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Grand Prix Series- Trifecta

I accepted the challenge to race in the Trifecta Races, as a part of the Grand Prix Series, for the second time this year. The last time I completed the challenge was in 2016. Each race course had been changed so it added to the challenge.

The first race was in February---brrrr! Held on Marine Corps Air Station New River. The X-Treme 12k Trail Run took us through some winding trails, gravel, roots and small puddles. At times it seemed like a never ending course with its long stretches of gravel paths. The temperature was a bit chilly but the faster I went the warmer I got so I tried to keep a quick pace.

The next race was in March at Courthouse Bay, Camp Lejeune. Home to the Combat Engineers, the St. Paddy's 5 Mile Race has trails, obstacles, a sand bag carry, low crawling, mud (so deep you have to swim), creeks and climbing walls! It was my favorite race!

The last race was the Marine Raiders Mud, Sweat & Tears 5 Mile Mud Run. So much mud! I hit a massive mud pit within the first half mile of racing and I got stuck! I got suctioned in the thickest mud I had ever seen. A Marine had to help me pull one leg out at a time. After I finally got out, I had to keep swimming through more mud before finding a trail path and running up and down hills, through a drain pipe, and through more mud. It is quite challenging running after being caked in mud.

The Grand Prix Series is worth the price because you receive an upgraded race shirt, free bag check, free parking, great refreshments (hot soup after a cold race--yum!), very cool medals and race results uploaded to Athlinks. If you finish the Trifecta then you receive an additional medal (see below picture). Plus you get to race along side some of America's finest military--- Marines!

Are you up for the challenge? Find out more about the the Grand Prix Series aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune-New River by going to their website or check out their Facebook page.

-Written by Marisa Reeder, JOSC Assistant Executive Director

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