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Things Are Super Important…Then They Aren’t

A hurricane can sure change priorities quickly. Our staff was busy preparing for two new events, the Moore Buick GMC New River Splash and the Carolina Orthopedics Coastal re-LAX when we started hearing that we should be worried about Hurricane Florence. Not being from this area this was my first experience with a hurricane so I didn’t know what to expect or really what to do.

As things progressed my family and I made the decision to evacuate. In my mind I still thought it would be a couple of days of bad weather, everything would be fine, we would return and host our events. Obviously, I was wrong. As we watched the news and saw what was happening to our city, our county and our area, I quickly knew it would be a while before we were all back to normalcy. As my family and I returned to Jacksonville I couldn’t believe all of the damage (and I haven’t even seen any flooding first hand). As sad as the scene was/is, it was also very encouraging seeing neighbors, churches, military, nonprofits and businesses all come together to help one another and the community. It is a great community to be a part of and that has shown through even more in the last couple of weeks.

After evaluating all aspects and options, we had to make the decision to cancel New River Splash and the Coastal re-LAX for 2018. It is not what we wanted to do but what we needed to do at this time. We look forward to these events in 2019 but right now there are more important things to deal with and others to think of. Here’s to all of you out helping one another and hoping that you stayed safe during the storm and that your homes weren’t too badly damaged. God bless each person reading this!


Scott Smith Executive Director

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