Angler Casting Competition Info

September 28, 2019
LP Willingham Park 2:00PM


Entry Fee for each person is $15

16 Individuals Per Division (minimum of 5 people for youth and 10 for adults)

Winner of the 16 and Over Division will win:

- Medal

- $100 Cash Prize

- $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

- And Bragging Rights!

Winner of the 15 and Under Division will win:


- $50 Cash Prize

- $20 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

- And Bragging Rights as well!


Competition will take place on Sept 28th at 2:00pm.

The Location of the Event will be at LP Willingham Park (Kerr St)

Competitors Must Supply Their Own Equipment

- This is a Double Elimination Tournament

- A Random Drawing will be used to establish the bracket

- Any fishing/casting rod is accepted

- Whatever lure/bait you are comfortable with is also accepted

- However, HOOKS MUST BE REMOVED for safety

- When casting, competitors must land within the casting circle (it can bounce in) for the cast to count

- If a competitor retrieves their line before the judge calls "score," then the cast is invalid and will receive a zero score



Competitors will be allowed to cast three times (3x) at each target

Each cast that lands within the target will be worth 10 points 

There will be five targets so a maximum of 150 points can be scored in each round

Targets will be placed at distances of:

      15 and under: 10 yards, 20 yards, and 30 yards

      16 and over:   30 yards, 40 yards, and 50 yards



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